Family-Friendly Websites

Top Family-Friendly Sites was created many years ago with the intent to support the online web safety of family members using the Internet. For many years, we offered websites a designation that would be easily recognized by other Internet users. If you are a website owner, or are promoting your business on the Internet and you would like to have our support, please contact us.

What is a Family-Friendly Site?

At a site displaying the Family-Friendly Sites Emblem, families can expect to find content and links that are supportive of family-friendly values and healthy for children and others to visit and view. They promote physical, mental, and emotional development in a healthy way.

Our definition of family-friendly websites:

  • Does not contain adult-themed or sexually-explicit text, images, or photos or videos
  • No advertising for alcohol, tobacco, or pornography
  • Does not promote illegal substances or activities
  • On website posts, the site enforces rules prohibiting
  • Sexually explicit language and Profanity
  • Links only to other sites that are family-friendly
  • Agrees to remove its family-friendly designation, if the site no longer meet these criteria

How we can help:

We provide simple, clean and functional websites and web design services to those who serve others. Traditionally, we have empowered¬† missionaries and other people of service abroad with website development services (and web hosting). These people may not have easy access to the Internet, but need a web presence as a way to communicate with those at home. While we are not a nonprofit ourselves, this web design services has been a way for us to give back… to those who give back to others. If you are serving abroad (missionary, NGO or public-service) and are in need of website services, please contact us and we will help. To learn more about us, please visit